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Abstract Gradient

Diana LaMorris

   I started Steel City Art Works in 2007 with the goal of displaying and promoting art.  I have always been involved in art! I love to paint horses, ravens, and landscapes.  I also enjoy working with wood and making assemblage boxes and shrines.  I am inspired by land and the color and vastness of Colorado.

Kathy Chavez.jpg

Kathy Chavez

   My Nana taught me how to work with yarn and create beautiful scarves. I would spend hours watching her sew and crochet, and she had the patience to teach me the art of creating things with my hands. Over the years I have explored many types of art mediums, including quilting, knitting, crocheting, stained glass and mosaics, to name a few. I have been creating jewelry with the wire weaving technique for the last five or six years and absolutely love it.

Cheryl Scott.jpg

Cheryl Scott

I always wanted to be an artist “when I grew up”.  I have come to the realization that you never really grow up… you just grow older. I work in acrylics on canvas, but mostly I’m known for “Going Green” by restoring and painting used furniture, and making clocks and “bots” (figural sculptures) made from found objects.  Each piece is its own unique work of art. 

I am grateful to be a part of this creative and supportive group of artists.   

Frank Fry.jpg

Frank Fry

   I currently enjoy working with wood, and as many artists will tell you, inspiration takes countless forms and strikes without warning.  That which is inspiration to one artist may not translate into inspiration in another.  It can be a bolt of artistic lightning or a product of creative thinking and work. For me, it's likely to be some of each.

Lori Hannan.jpg

Lori Hannan

   Lori has always been inspired by the natural world, and clay is her way of expressing her love of nature. After living and travelling in different parts of the world, Lori now lives in the Wet Mountains of Southern Colorado, where Red Cloud Pottery was born. She continues to be inspired by the earth, the sky, the waters and all of the animals that surround her studio and home. She loves to work on her pottery wheel, creating thrown forms, her favorite, being the bowl. The colors and textures she uses on her ceramics always reflect the natural world that she loves.       

Brandi pic 1.jpg

Brandi Chavez

I started mking jewelry as a hobby, and it quickly became a lifelong journey.  Each piece I create, including wire sculptures, takes me on a new adventure.  Everything I design is one-of-a-kind and often includes repurposed elements.  What was once admired by one becomes something new to be enjoyed by another. I currently focus on creating steampunk jewelry and other unique creations.


Phil Rader


I am a Colorado native, creating abstract, non-representational art. My primary medium is oil paint on canvas but I also enjoy exploring the experimental process in mixed media and print making.

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Nancy Suda Pisciotta

Abstract Lights

June Galaz

    I have been painting consistently since the early 1980's. I paint both in watercolor and acrylics. I worked for the Space Shuttle Program in CA and in Houston from 1976 until the Shuttle retired in 2011. My work anymore is basically abstract.

David Hayden.jpg

David S Hayden

After working with 35mm cameras, my 15-year passion for photography really kicked into high gear with the invention of digital photography.

   For me, photography is literally “drawing with light" as much or more about the light than it is about any particular subject matter. My interests range from landscape to still life and product photography. I photograph events ranging from outdoor events for the Southern Colorado Horseman’s Society and the Pueblo Zoo  to “black tie” events for the Red Cross, Pueblo City County Library District and the Sangre de Cristo Arts Center.


Debra McCormack photo.jpeg

Debra McCormack

Like many others, I've worn different hats through my life, but I have always relied on art as a constant.  Just a few years ago, I discovered sculpting figurative art with polymer clay. With each piece I make, my heart and soul goes into carefully sculpting and bringing to life the dolls that I create. Each is totally handmade from first idea to finished doll.  These dolls are not play things, but works of art. All the dolls on display are truly OOAK, one-of-a-kind, varied figures that have been a challenge to create. I have included commissions, and other pieces are priced according to the complexity of the finished piece or requested doll.


Neema Caughran

   Throughout history and across cultures enlightened women have always existed and have rarely been recorded. I seek to remember and honor them. Some of them are historical figures; some are from my imagination as women who must have existed. Most of my busts are life size. 

 “Reading God’s presence

through the body  

of women is the writing of  

women’s divinity in the world”  

Beverly Lanzetta 

Annican Hickman

Annican Hickman

I am proud to say I was born in Pueblo, where I live and work. The views and the surrounding area are a limitless source of inspiration. I am an oil painter mainly and I also enjoy working in pastels. I work on location and directly from life to have the best chance at achieving accurate color. My inspirations are the Boston School Painters and Paul Ingbretson. The concepts shared by these painters are truly elevating. I am also influenced by the work of the Province Town Painters who studied with Henry Hensche, particularly G.T. Thurmond. Pueblo artist Jill Starkey was my early mentor and the true beginning of my color education here in Puerblo 19 years ago. I love to pursue ideas about painting and color theory conundrums by research, discussion, and exploration in paint. Colorado is teeming with enough sunlight and rich colors to entertain a painter for a lifetime. Pueblo is a painter's paradise. There is a quiet movement building in Pueblo.


Becky Blickhahn

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Tom Ossner

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Linda Cates

I am an Iowa transplant and a graduate of CSU, Fort Collins, with a degree in Vocational Education. I began my photography experience in 1990 when I began teaching darkroom photography at the High School level. I continued with black and white and the darkroom until I was dragged screaming into the digital age around 2001. I still miss the smell of the chemicals.

I am continually amazed at the images out there waiting to be captured.

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Deb Howard

NellieTrask - head shot.jpg

Nell Trask

Like many artists,  I work in several media,  primarily focused on glass fusion and mosaics. I also enjoy painting with watercolor or acrylics in addition to  creating jewelry made of fused glass and beads.  


My fascination with glass began in 2012 with glass mosaic projects in upcycled frames.  Then I saw a piece of fused glass in this Gallery!   Once I saw the power and benefits of melting glass, I was hooked on glass fusion as my new medium for creativity!   


Bob Sweeney.jpg

   Bob Sweeney

   Bob enjoys creating different wood techniques and tools for woodturning. For him, wood grain and color often determine what shape the wood will take.  He loves the feel of wood and the woodturning process including harvesting and cutting most of his own wood from the surrounding mountains. Bob does his own preserving and drying of the wood and then creates unique, beautiful pieces. He credits Deborah Foy with being essential to his work.


   Mo Keenan-Mason

     Although I've painted in a variety of mediums, I now work in acrylics. I've always painted folk art, both primitive and American traditional, adding a touch of whimsy. I did this for many years until, one day, while painting a tiny person under a tiny tree, I decided I needed to grab a big brush and paint something totally different, something larger. I ended up painting large cows. From there, the animals proliferated: roosters, hares, donkeys, emus and on it went. My hope is that my paintings make you smile. My work has been displayed in a variety of venues, from county and state fairs to businesses and galleries. My self-portrait, "Stay Within the Lines," was part of a traveling art exhibit.

Faye Blankenhorn

Faye Blankenhorn

   I started drawing when I was nine.  I have worked in many mediums and now enjoy working with foils.  I've been working in this medium for about 2 years and am happy with its evolution.  I create art by painting with oil on copper and aluminum.

   I'm always experimenting with new textures and color combinations. I love how the colors take form as I apply the paint and bring out the underlying textures and shapes. It's an exciting experience seeing each piece come together. Inspiration can come from anywhere and anything.

MK Boylan.jpg

MK Boylan

   My passion is painting mountain and nature scenes. I love combining pen & ink with watercolors, and discovered batik watercolor in 2015.  Batik has spurred my creativity in an exciting new way.  My paintings are inspired by photos taken from skiing, hiking or out on the water.  Follow me on Instagram @mkb_nature_lover

Colleen Kuckelman.jpeg

Colleen Kuckelman


I have a lifelong obsession with color, pattern, and texture.  I enjoy playing with these 3 design elements to create a variety of strung-bead jewelry pieces.  I regularly hunt for raw materials, both new and vintage, and combine them with an eye toward functional harmony, exotic beauty, and subtle earthiness.  My other favorite mediums include multi-media collage, mosaics, weaving, and various fiber arts.  

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Elissa Ball


I've been painting since I took my first oil painting class at age 10. I first sold a painting at age 16. For years my artistic endeavors took a backseat to work, marriage, and parenting.


My return to painting was precipitated by a mood disorder. My paintings focus on sorting through and expressing my inner world. Over time, I have shifted more to landscapes, flowers, and brighter colors. Now, I tend to put more emphasis on beauty.


Today I paint mostly in acrylics. Many of my paintings are based on the photographs taken during long-distance bicycling and hiking.

Kyle Laws.jpg

Kyle Laws

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Nancy Goodenough

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Fran Cosyleon


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Irene Grissom

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