June Galaz

I have been painting consistently since the early 1980's. I paint both in watercolor and acrylics. I worked for the Space Shuttle Program in CA and in Houston from 1976 until the Shuttle retired in 2011. My work anymore is basically abstract.

Emily Cotter

I am a glass artist and have been in love with the medium since I first picked it up about 9 years ago. There is something magical about creating something without ever touching it! When I'm not working in the studio I love to cook, garden, read, and relax with my husband and our border collie named Stella.

Kathy Chavez

My Nana taught me how to work with yarn and create beautiful scarves. I would spend hours watching her sew and crochet, and she had the patience to teach me the art of creating things with my hands. Over the years I have explored many types of art mediums, including quilting, knitting, crocheting, stained glass and mosaics, to name a few. I have been creating jewelry with the wire weaving technique for the last five or six years and absolutely love it.

Mo Keenan-Mason

Mo Keenan-Mason is a painter in Pueblo County, whose work has been shown in various art shows, the Colorado State Fair, as well as harvest and county fairs. Her work has been displayed at antique stores, banks, libraries, galleries, restaurants and other businesses. Her work is regularly at the Rawlings and Pueblo West Libraries and at the Downtown Bar in the summer. She is a member of the Pueblo Arts Alliance and former Board Chair of the Windsor Arts Council. She paints whimsical animals and folk art. My self-portrait, “Stay Within the Lines,” was part of a traveling art exhibit. 

Lori Hannan

Lori Hannan has always been inspired by the natural world, and clay is her way of expressing her love of nature. After living and travelling in different parts of the world, Lori now lives in the Wet Mountains of Southern Colorado, where Red Cloud Pottery was born. She continues to be inspired by the earth, the sky, the waters and all of the animals that surround her studio and home. Her clay journey is always evolving, reflecting nature and life. She loves to work on her pottery wheel, creating thrown forms, her favorite, being the bowl. The colors and textures she uses on her ceramics always reflect the natural world that she loves. She continues to live in gratitude for the many gifts she has in her life, and hopes to put that type of energy into all of her work to spread love into the world.       

David Hayden

David S Hayden, dba Pueblo West Photography, resides in Pueblo West, CO and developed an interest in photography in 1965 when his brother handed him a Lordox, fully manual 35mm camera. His passion for photography really kicked into high gear with the invention of digital photography which he has done exclusively for over 15 years.

For Dave photography, literally “drawing with light, is as much or more about the light than it is about any particular subject matter.  As a result his interests range from landscape to still life and product photography.  For the past few years he has photographed numerous events ranging from outdoor events for the Southern Colorado Horseman’s Society and the Pueblo Zoo  to “black tie” events for the Red Cross, Pueblo City County Library District and the Sangre de Cristo Arts Center.

​Occasionally, Dave teaches photography classes through the Pueblo City County Library District and / or more personal training by appointment.

Faye Blankenhorn

I create art by painting with oil on copper and aluminum.  I’m always experimenting with new textures and color combinations and love how the colors take shape as I apply the paint and bring out the underlying textures and shapes.  It’s an exciting experience seeing each piece come together. I moved to Pueblo two years ago and am looking forward to becoming part of the art community.

MK Boylan

My passion is painting mountain and nature scenes. I love combining pen & ink with watercolors, and discovered batik watercolor in 2015.  Batik has spurred my creativity in an exciting new way.  My paintings are inspired by photos taken from skiing, hiking or out on the water.  Follow me on Instagram @mkb_nature_lover

Cheryl Scott

I always wanted to be an artist “when I grew up”.  I have come to the realization that you never really grow up… you just grow older,

I work in acrylics on canvas, but mostly I’m known for “Going Green” by restoring and painting used furniture, and making clocks and “bots” (figural sculptures) made from found objects.  Each piece is its own unique piece of art. 

I am grateful to be a part of this creative and supportive group of artists.   

Phil Rader 

Phil Rader, a Colorado native, creates abstract non-representational art. His primary medium is oil paint
on canvas but he also enjoys exploring his experimental process in mixed media and print making.

Nancy Husband

I have always had a passion for Art. When I was younger I expressed myself through dance and writing poetry. Then I became a mother and I believe my creativity went into raising my family. I changed my major from art to biology and became an Occupational Therapist in 1993. It was a great career, but my dream of becoming an artist never left me. In 2014 I went to a Plein Air workshop that was taught by Teresa Vito. That decision was a game changer for me. I found such joy painting outside. I believe when you paint outside you can feel the energy of the place and that helps the artist put that energy into the painting! I fell in love with oil painting and Plein Air painting! I am blessed to have found a wonderful teacher! Her name is Teresa Vito. Since working with Teresa I have degas to realize my dream! I take the natural beauty around me and commit it to canvas for all to experience and enjoy! I have sold multiple pieces and you can now find my work at Steel City Art Works!

Diana LaMorris

Always involved in art! I work in acrylic, the brighter the better! I love big paintings and horses and ravens and landscapes