All You Need is Love—and a Little Bit of Art


The Gallery features five new members this month as well as Valentine’s

Day-themed gifts.

Diana LaMorris, gallery manager, said, “I am excited to welcome new artists,

and we are all extremely happy artists continue to contact us to show

their work. This speaks of a confidence in our community that art is still

happening and there is enthusiasm for the future. We are pleased and fortunate to not only have great art by ongoing members, but always something fresh in the gallery.”


Featured new artists are: Faye Blankenhorn, who creates art by painting with oil on copper and aluminum, experimenting with new textures and color combinations; Emily Cotter, a glass artist who loves working with glass because she can create something without ever touching it, which makes it feel like magic; David Hayden, who views photography as drawing with light, with his interests ranging from landscape to still life and product photography; Debra McCormack, who sculpts figurative art with polymer clay bringing to life dolls all handmade from idea to finished art piece; and Allyn Wasser, whose wood-turned pieces range from humorous gnomes and elegant wine stoppers to large bowls and vases.


These artists will be featured around the Gallery and in the display window along with artists Fran Cosyleon, Frank Fry and Diana LaMorris.